4 Steps to Getting Your Life Back Together After Flooding

October 7, 2016

Having a plan from MIREWORKS can help!




MIREWORKS knows you need assistance in this overwhelming time after the flood and we are here to help.  With the chaos of it all, it may be difficult for you to plan what needs to be done or get organized. Here are some steps to guide you before moving forward with the reconstruction of your home:  


1. Decide a budget    

 Be realistic with the anticipated costs of the remodel    

 Allow room for any smaller, extra expenses    

 Know when you will receive flood insurance or FEMA money    

 Let contractors know you have the money to pay them, as funded jobs are their priority


2. Develop a scope of work to be done    

 Make a list of what needs to be accomplished    

 Set priorities, what’s most important or has to be done first


3. Design the space    

 Decide if you want to change the existing layout    

 Have a general idea of what you like and are looking for    

 Obtain detailed drawings for contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers to estimate costs and begin remodeling


4. Determine who to use for the remodeling    

 Contact experienced professional designers to help you pull it all together    

 Call MIREWORKS                     

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