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At Mireworks, we offer a wide range of services that fully encompass the design process from start to finish. Our goal is to enrich your everyday life by designing elements that Simplify Your Life, and Beautify Your Home, while maintaining, adding, or creating architectural interest.

We serve all of Louisiana and focus on the Greater Baton Rouge areas including: Shenandoah, Livingston, Denham Springs, Walker, Springfield, Watson, Central, Zachary, Clinton, Port Allen, Plaquemine, White Castle, St. Gabriel, Sorrento, Gonzales, Dutchtown, Prairieville, Galvez, and St. Amant Louisiana.

The Process

For remodels, we start by meeting you at your home to discuss what spaces you would like to improve. After discussing your likes and dislikes, we take measurements of the existing space and place the existing layout on the computer. For additions and new construction, our first meeting is a discussion about your new space and everything you want to include.


The next step in the process, is the space planning or the new floor plan. Mireworks provides multiple layout options for the space based on what you are looking for. We pride ourselves on providing quality options. We will not present you with an option that does not function well.


When an option is decided upon, we begin to further develop your drawings. This part of the process includes an existing floor plan, demolition plan, revised/general floor plan, interior and exterior elevations, detailed cabinet elevations, lighting and electrical plan, plumbing and HVAC schematic, appliance and furniture layout, and 3-D perspectives.

After the drawings are finalized we assist you with product selection. We have developed relationships with many in the industry that we know value their customers just as much as we do. Mireworks joins you at the supplier’s store front and helps guide you through the labyrinth of options the product industry provides. The product selection step of the design process is often an intimidating undertaking. However, we make it quick, exciting, and stress free.


Once the design is finalized and complete our team works as the liaison between you and your contractor; with Mireworks as your advocate, your voice is heard, and the contractors job is made easier.


We charge a flat rate of 90 dollars per hour for all design services, no matter what part of the process you are in. We invoice our clients in logical stages.

Complete Residential Design & Drawings

We start with a blank slate and finish with complete construction documents. The documents can include everything from plot plans to exterior and interior elevations. The computer program we utilize "walks you through" the entire plan before you even build it. In the process, we're designing your cabinets, windows, doors, shutters, moldings, trim, and any other interior or exterior elements based on the architectural style you desire. Our extensive experience gives us the ability to specify intricate details that will maintain the integrity and appeal of your home or create a style all your own. We have the experience needed to design a home that fits your personal style; Acadian Cottage, Craftsman, Farmhouse, Mid-Century Modern, Colonial, Contemporary, Tudor, Ranch…  

Certified Kitchen & Bath Design

We are certified in kitchen and bath design. In short, this means that when you hire Mireworks you can rest confidently knowing that you are hiring a firm that has put in many hours of time and study, learning the standards and proven best practices in the industry. The kitchen and bath are by far the most used and function oriented spaces in the home. They also happen to be the most costly. It is important to hire someone with an intimate and working knowledge of those spaces. If not, you might find that the money spent has not given you an adequately functional or expertly designed space. A focus on continued education and a relevant understanding of industry standards is essential in a constantly changing and growing kitchen and bath industry.  

Certified Aging-In-Place Design

When designing a space, the designer must consider more than just the aesthetics. Often times the reason for remodeling reaches further than a simple desire for a fresh updated look. Many of our clients age in their homes, care for aging loved ones or a family member with a disability. Therefore, removing restrictions on the usability of the home becomes necessary. Furthermore, we have noticed a trend encouraging designers to draw, and contractors to build, new homes that are able to accommodate owners with a real need for modified accessibility. We as CAPS (Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist) are always thinking with accessibility in mind. We often encourage our clients, no matter how able they consider themselves, to build accessible spaces. No-one knows when a temporary injury will occur, or when they may be called upon to care for someone with specific needs. We try our best to design a space that will last a lifetime. That being said we design spaces that are equipped or can be easily equipped to handle needs that may come. All of our designs contain elements that allow for unhindered use. These elements are there if you need them but invisible to the eye if not.    

Space Planning

We take pride in creating unique and functional layouts. When remodeling this may mean, taking out walls to open up a space, or simply re- assessing the best layout of furniture or cabinets in that space. When building new it is important to design a layout that is purposeful. We often meet homeowners that are remodeling because they have determined, after living in the space, that the layout is odd and lacks purpose. It is best to build the home with function and purpose in mind that way you can save yourself a costly remodel later. However, if you find yourself in a home that does not work, we are able to inject purpose and function where needed. If you have a hard time visualizing the changes, don't worry. Helping you see yourself in the home by imagining the finished product is our strength.

Product Selection & Specification

Selecting products requires the consideration of many different elements. This important part of the process will make or break the finished look. Carefully selecting flooring, cabinets, countertops, backsplash and even the color of the grout is only part of it. Hardware and lighting fixtures are often overlooked. However, the color of light can throw off the mood or atmosphere in the room and can skew the hardscapes you have selected. Creating a cohesive color palette is key and Mireworks can help guide you through the process. We do not sell products through Mireworks. However, we routinely work with many expert suppliers in the industry. This allows us to work with you to select the best, most cost-effective products.

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